You can also use single drives this way by setting up a raid with a single drive only JBOD. Is it possible to use both ide channels and the SATA cables at the same time? You can try the following since you are running XP: All, did as had been suggested. In the begining it like once a week maybe.

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Repeat with the 3rd drive. Hello Vango44, thank you for your advice. Could it be it is now a driver issue within XP?

Seagate Barracuda V uses different bridge chip and does not make that much problems compared to Maxtor’s. The bios is set to the defaults for memory, but I will post what the manufacturer states and what is in staa bios.

But anyways it seems that there is a way that you can have satq sata and both of the ide channels active. RoAdbUrneRAug 27, So actually you can use the drive normally in Windows right?

Then I installed the drivers. And if so, will it have any performance degredation to any of the drives? No devices found, BIOS not installed: You must nfo in or sign up to reply here. SamWAug 22, When rebooting, my monitor did not display immediately, so could not see what happened. I’d probably be tempted to do a re-install on XP at this point but I re-install every few months so it may not be an option for you.


Also re-installing Promise XP drivers won’t help.

Sam, you’ll experence no preformance issues with 2 Optical drives on one cable, that’s what the cables are meant to do. Check the timing settings on you memory. mzi

P NEO – Strange problem with SATA non RAID on Promise

This site uses cookies. If you see the extra drives here in Windows Disk Manager just right-click the drive and Initialize and then format them. Could it be the graphics card causing crashes??? Not sure what the problem is. Do i need to flash the bios or is that a bit dangerous!! Home Help Noe Login Register.

865PE/875P Motherboard Roundup June 2003 – Part 1: 20-way Shootout

So here is my situation: The event viewer and all the cards show fine in the device manager and the drivers install ok.

You should see the drive name briefly after the initial post screen if you’ve disabled the MSI saga screen. I do NOT plan to blast all 3 drives at full power simultaneously. Otherwise this novel technology will go completely unused.


It’s probably a combination of Bios and software settings, conflicting drivers etc Also not when using diskmgmt. There is a CoreCenter utility meant to tweak MSI’s CoreCell technology, but our best efforts to get this program to function properly failed.

The latest version of CoreCenter 1.

nfo Hi Annie, Thanks for that I will check what they are and post them up here later. The above is my suggestion for you. Now it won’t run more than an hour without BSOD. Please set ATA Configuration: