This mod will not work with CH-1 made after Stop by Joe’s website at http: It has a very slight mid boost which helps you stand out in a mix. Tri99er has this mod, and also concurs it is well worth. I have added bass, flattened the mids and also added focus to the gain. I have maintained all those improvements but I have added a bit of warmth and thickness to the affect.

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Stock the SD-1 delivers warm fat tones. Make sure your BD-2 look exactly like Note: With the gain dialed up in front of either a clean or already overdriven amp you get harmonically rich tones that will explode off the neck of the guitar.

BD2: the Blues driver H20 Mod | LesPaul Player/Doc

I have been able to obtain that vibe with this mod. That’s the one I supply with this kit. I have been listening to your requests. I tried that chip in my tubescreamer and it even mor THAT transparent. All sales are final.

Yeah once you solder in the adapter for the op amp socket, it’s easy to take in and out and swap chips if that’s your thing. Combine this adapter with my Dying Battery Bljes listed below and you’ve got a powerful voltage attenuator that will give your pedals the extra added benefits of running higher and lower voltages. Please note that my mods will NOT work with this new design and I will not be offering a mod for it. The notes seemed to explode out of the speakers. The Dual Allums Adapter will add clarity and presence and clean the circuit up.


Man, what great tone Blyes, Awesome! Chris Condon mp3 – Graciously submitted by Chris Condon http: You can use the LED as a flashlight on stage after the mod, it is that bright, almost blinding. Unbelievable on-the-verge-of-blowing Marshall type vibe. In the Generic Instructions I include instructions for a Boss pedal as an example to help you with your particular pedal.

Stock, this pedal is a fizz factory. You can visit Simon’s Band’s website “The Fuse” by clicking here. Opamp Adapter Mod Kits Installed.

Monte Allums BD H20 Mod

I swear, you could play 8 differing TS mods and I could pick his out. But if I hit a riff hard, snap a string, or power chord, it responds with more crunch.

When time permits I will add a video of the mod.

I also modify a resistor which increases the brightness of the LED. I use these instead of regular cable interconnects. The client was gracious enough to offer sending his modded DF-2 to me. What’s really amazing is how great this pedal sounds with this Mod.


The other request I constantly get is people want mnte bass and warmth. Analogman vs Keeley Gear Update: One set low gain for natural chord strums, hint of dirt and the other dirtied out for heavy power chords or leads.

It is now truly the King of Punch that explodes into tonal bliss! Notice how the gain seems to bloom as the notes explode through your speakers. Here is the review! Login or Sign Up.