The point is that you’re disappointed, or miffed, or something – and that you’re angry that KZG won’t allow you to return it under warranty. Jim has a small shop and doesn’t have a launch monitor, but has plenty of demos and has no problem letting you take clubs to the range. Samples of three brands are shown below: See the pics for why we thought it would’ve been covered regardless since it looks like a manufacture defect. I’ve had two Taylor Made clubs with stock shafts that had a head rattle, and they refused to fix it both times. The Gemini Drivers are guaranteed to improve your performance and enjoyment of the game. I buy and try a lot of equipment, but have to admit, KZG will be off my list now.

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They refused coverage because the clubs were purchased through the internet.

Cracked KZG Gemini 460 Head

When anyone asks me about thier products, we advise them of this situation and what the outcome was. Here is an article that you might want to read. As for dealing directly with company’s on golf equipment, I have dealt directly with TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping without going through a middleman or dealer. Often people are buying clubs that were not sold via authorized retailers and thus come with no warranty.

Have a good day. Many manufactures will not warrant ebay purchases if not from an authorizrd retailer. Shaft Material see all. The Gemini Drivers have virtually no loss of accuracy or distance on toe and heel hits!


KZG Gemini Drivers

AND you only have the word of the person you bought it from that it’s still under warranty. The compressor internal stabilizing structure resists flexure in the crown and sole, and redirects the impact energy back to the ball. The clubhead, when combined with the proper shaft, works to keep the ball on the fairway, far from you.

The KZG driver head has not even been out for two years so, while it may be dluble stretch, the driver I have should still be under warranty. Each wedge is engineered with the ideal bounce and leading edge.

Community Forum Software by IP. I was not charged anything except the cost to ship the clubs to them. Ping, Mizuno Callaway and others incl. Higher lofts benefit slower swingers.

Any company that refuses to doule behind their product’s quality does not get my business. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to get a replacement head of a product that I liked and is under warrenty, but has obvious manufacture flaws. I contacted their company, was even provided with the name and number of the person I was to contact regarding the problem I had with izg R I don’t begrudge the company for their policy as ozg is their choice.

TaylorMade replaced a defective R that had a rattle in the head in fact, they replaced it with a new R5 head if you believe thatCallaway refitted clubs that I bought on ebay and Ping WRX replaced a head that had flown off of a driver that I told them I bought used.


Cracked KZG Gemini Head – Equipment Opinions –

Show only see all. There’s a very fine line between “Living life on the edge” and “Nature’s way of weeding out the stupid. Many actually are because of facwd sort of abuse, or mistreatment, or mishandling by the user – and that’s in part where the manufacturer doesn’t want to get into a battle of words with the average consumer.

Return it where you got it, or SOL – your choice. KZG forged wedges are unequalled for the short game. Most of the big OEMs reqire things to be returned through an authorized retailer.

I guess it is a way to protect quality and keep the playing field fair for their authorized reatilers. There is no question that KZGolf is producing some of the finest wedges available today.

KZGolf, Review by

However, it is only under warrenty if purchased through an authorized dealer. If you acquired a head that looks as if it has never been installed or removed, then there is a dealer who ought lose his privelages.

These innovative drivers are designed with a second plate behind the forged and heat-treated titanium face to add greater stability and rigidity. Vendor is more important than buyer – at least they are telling you who they want to protect.