Today, everyone gets the gift of free Plus membership for 1 month as a ‘thank you’ from the ePHOTOzine team for your continued support! The Kodak EasyShare V has a 7. There’s no bittiness as such, but similar shades of colour do become patchy in places. When you choose a mode, it provides some explanation text where this is denoted. Kodak include all the necessary cables and software in the box.

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Thanks to the integration of the optical zoom lenses, the camera can start up quickly. When using the V, you also have the option to make simple cuts to video, but only at the beginning or koda, of the file.

Camera Review: Kodak EasyShare V705

Other factors relating to the outdoor scenic shots include sharp focusing at the centre of each photo. For lining up a shot and accessing the menu system there is a 2. For shooting, the camera, at hi-res, can whack out around eight pictures, at roughly one a second, before the internal buffer fills up and the camera slows down while it writes to the memory card and clears the buffer.

It isn’t Kodak’s, it’s mine declares Duncan Evans.

Kodak Easyshare V705 Digital Camera Review

I know a lot of people like their huge optical zooms, but I would much rather have my lens go fairly wide-angle less than 28mm equivalent. There is also a small amount of koda, visible in the skies. You can also produce a still photo from a video.


Visit our Competitions Forum, where you’ll find our monthly competition and other kodka competitions to enter. In all but the very strongest direct sunlight conditions, the LCD is bright and viewable from any angle. On the good side, as is usually the case with Kodak digital cameras, the colors in images were accurate and bright but not too bright.

During video capture, there is some digital image stabilization and the zoom can be operated. The space that has been made available to the left of the screen is filled by five thin oblong buttons.

Skip to main content. This gives this camera a good a chance as any pocket sized model to keep the problem relatively under control.

This resolution is above average and has more than enough pixels for taking snap shots.

Korak theory this should lead to the best possible photos. Kodak introduced a new series a few years ago, wherein design was an important element. The LCD screen is not on the left, as usual, but bang in the middle of the camera.

Quality wise the V also impresses, for a compact. As in previous models, the flap is difficult to open.


Almost 7v05 of the underneath consists of a long battery lid that has to be slid to one side to place or remove a battery in the compartment. When reviewing images, the display is extremely sharp and it’s obvious that you’re viewing the image using the full LCD pixel count.

A lithium ion battery is used to run the camera. This is made up of aroundpixels. They are not perfect, but in the main the results are good.

Can’t access your account? There’s also a fill-flash mode which is well worth having. More so, that sound quality is much better than it has any right to be considering koda the mic is on the back of this small camera.

Kodak EasyShare V Digital Camera Review Camera

The text shot for colours is especially vibrant. The lens does not have to zoom out first to be positioned; it is nice and quick and you can take a picture almost koddak.

Panasonic offers some excellent digital cameras and can normally be replied upon to produce crystal clear photos. The LCD screen has a 2. Start-up time is under 2 seconds.