Go to the Fix Central website: Complete the following steps. Interview took place in IBM India and it t How to upgrade later versions of Atape to the current version Complete the following steps to upgrade later versions of Atape to the current version. Use these commands to fix Atape device drivers issues.

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Select your operating system for the Platform.

Re: Install ATape driver

Below are some of the frequently asked Commvault Backup Interview questions and Answers. A massive amount of digital data is continuously generated, collected Go to the ftp site ftp: Storage Area Networks SAN has huge requirements and the popularity and importance of this technology is increasing every year.

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How to upgrade later versions of Atape to the current version Complete the following steps to upgrade later versions of Atape to the current version. The driver must be configured before using the Tivoli Storage Manager server with tape devices. Remove the new drivers.

IBM Tape Device Drivers Installation and User’s Guide – United States

Select Tape device drivers and software for the Product Type. The FC SAN physical components such as network cables network adapters and hubs or switches can be used to design a Fibre channel Storage Install the new driver.


These drivers are feature code off of any supported device.

Whenever possible, the driver is designed to take advantage of the device features transparent to the application. Download in binary mode. Traditionally, compute operating systems have communicated with peripheral devices over channel connections, such as Enterprise Systems Co Atape also includes the tapeutil program and its source code which is a reference utility for the various functions in the drives.

Install the old drivers. Install the new drivers. Manual Abstract The Installation and User’s Guide provides wtape information and installation assistance for IBM tape drive, medium changer, and library device drivers.

Power on your Atape devices.

The support center may possibly have older versions available. The install process will refresh definitions.

Atape.driver Important Installation and Upgrade Information

How to recover from problems in installing the newer version directly on top of the older version Make sure the old version is accessible; it comes on diskette with your drive. Document information More support for: The drives will work without it as an “Other SCSI Tape” but you can’t move tapes around in the changer instqll library without it.


Go to the Fix Central website: Watson Product Search Search. Interview took place in IBM India and it t Version 2 of Atape. Before you install the device drivers, please refer to the ISV web site or their support to find out what device drivers should be used for the ISV. The goal is to give applications access to the functions required for basic tape functions such as inztall and restore and medium changer operations such as cartridge mount and demountas well as to the advanced functions needed by full tape management systems.

Follow these steps to install and configure Atape device drivers on AIX server

Complete the following steps. Please note that some independent software vendor ISV applications have certain device driver requirements. Tape device drivers and software.