But let me summerize: That’s the first mobile version of the gma I had to add 3D Context myself when I redid their driver. Yeah, I noticed it’s still broken. WARP is good, but slower than hardware.

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What are the resolutions this driver is capable of? If you read up you’ll see what we me and Majd think about it.

The Trixarian Zone ยป Chell Modded Video Drivers

Thread Modes Chell v1. This seems to have fixed it, thanks! Also it would be cool if you put AJAX chat in this forum! Seems the symbol changed over time and newer chipsets. Compatibility might go out the window for ultra-new games, but that’s pretty impressive.

Chell vb Modded Driver

Hello, i am a user of Intel HD graphics i3 Processor with intel hd graphics and i have downloaded the tools package that you have uploaded, i moddrd use a driver that i made myself also based as what intellimodder32 did, i used the REG Modder Application and made Left4Dead start in “Hardware Mode”i then relaunched game in native moeded and started it, i now lag much less as before i used the REG Modder, this app that moddd guys made are excellent and i want to thank you for that perfect package!


Has a new interface and Installer – please test and give feedback. Send thread to a friend. Since WARP is enabled by default on Windows 8 for most intergated chipsets, this means the does absolutely nothing.

Uninstall gpu driver first then install modded one? Mabe will be more usefull on better cpu.

I do note that it seems to force Generic PnP Monitor as the monitor device though. So using that, we’ll assume that is used to enable the WARP renderer for that game.

That’s probably why it’s part of the drivers for Windows 7 with the newer graphic chipsets. Guess I was wrong then. This is also gmw default setting when you add an exe files using 3DContext from the inf file.

The HD ‘s hardware pixel and vertex shaders are atleast version 10, so most games should work with them. Maybe it is as you say because it is older software renderer so new games crash, but moddeed wonder if intel would update their driver to make it supported, anyway yes the discussion gja intresting and we learned much about compatibility!

If it’s vendor and device 27AE then it’s probably my goof. Regular intel drivers won’t display the x resolution, but after some research, that problem in particular sources from lenovo’s behalf. This may have a similiar boost with never cards likes the HD series – you should check it out.


It’s present in Windows 7, but not enabled by default and you could download it for Vista. I can only display x Note Windows 64 bit users: Knowing IntelliModder32, that’s very likely. The GMA game list: Remember to use DDU before installing. This ggma probably why you notice a boost in performance.

Modded Driver’s For iGPU’s

I added modfed 64bit version of Chell 1. Fixed yet again – please try again Chell v1. Is it possible to manually set the resolution?

They probably all do the exact same thing or have some minor variation to them. Intel’s own software render is old and only supports up to vertex shader mldded 3 – which is too old for the newest games.