Each person has to enrol individually there is a secret security question for each card holder. Do we need to install Gemalto Classic Client version 6. If you have already installed the software, start by uninstalling it it may not have downloaded properly the first time. Do I need to export my certificates from my current Web browser? Discover the benefits of IDBridge, a family of contact and embedded smart card readers. What cards are they?

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Smart Card Readers

At the beginning of the EPO opted for a new generation of smart cards. However, you will still need to contact the EPO to have the necessary changes made concerning your:. Are there any system requirements for smart card reader installation?

The green light should go from blinking to steady when you insert your card. Where can I get another smart card reader? CID hidden text field for keeping extra info: If you do not receive your smart card within 21 days, please contact us.

GemSafe Classic Client – in stock at Smartcard Focus

I noticed on the webpage that there is a tool for registering non-EPO smart cards. A facsimile signature is a scanned image of a handwritten signature. Yes, you can use your EPO smart card as well, provided that you have installed the Gemalto software.


You need a deposit account with the EPO, a smart cadr and smart card reader and an internet browser. If it does not, check that the end of the card with the chip element is inserted face-up in the direction of the arrow, and that the Gemalto software is installed.

Can I sign e-mails with my EPO smart card?

However, you can also use any other reader that is recognised by the Gemalto software. You can renew your card online up to 60 days prior to the expiry date. Thank you for your interest in our products.

When I tried to renew my smart card I received the message “Your smart card has not been recognised as issued by the EPO”. IDBridge products are backed by more than 30 years of security and cryptography research and develo Treading the waters of the many types and styles of smart card readers can be difficult. The company portal is the gateway to the Administration facility, from which the company administrator manages the Online Services portal community.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please follow the procedure described here. Discover smarrt benefits of IDBridge, a family of contact and embedded smart card readers. I am no longer able to log in to My.


EPO – Smart cards

How can I set it up to recognise my smart card? What do I do with my active smart card? Learn more and view Solution Brief.

If I get a replacement or renewal smart card, will my PIN code stay the same? How long will I have to wait for my smart card?

Title field value.

Administration What is a company portal? Is there any way of checking whether my smart card reader has been correctly installed? By default the “About Safenet” menu will appear.

Can we enrol for them in a batch? You can draft applications in File Manager and send them. How can I obtain a smart card? Gemalto Classic Client 6. The company administrator is the user responsible for defining user access to Online Fee Payment, the Mailbox and My Files. Where can I obtain the Gemalto software?