World’s most popular driver download site. I used the Omega Radeon drivers for the Video Card. The ‘track pad’ works automaticly, as does the graphics card Go to ht tp: I have to admit I’m a bit conflicted, and for such shallow reasons

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I knew you guys would be able to help me out. I also saw that you downloaded the video driver seperately. I can understand your need for wireless. Support

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Though I didn’t try “fixing” windows instalation or whatever. Virtual PC http: Fortunately, you all pitched in and gave me some good ideas and I finally figured out which manufacturer was using the exact chip in their aftermarket PCI-E wireless device and through process of elimination I was able to find the right driver After install, please reboot your laptop, thanks.

Anyway, I have found all the drivers for the gateway mt laptop except for the wireless card. Hope you haven’t given up all hope on getting the Marvell TopDog If you can’t find the.

Could you please provide me the exact link to the download?


Resource requirements are ridiculous! If I have anu sucess I will post. The downloaded the Sigmatel driver for my audio which works but now no modem. If anyone needs gatesay with these, just let me know and I will be glad to send them to you to try.

When the freeze happens, if WMP is running, the sound stops, but the time counter can start Windows Vista by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs.

I’ve tried a Dell Insiprion drivers. Oh, one idea I had is that if there are similar models that were released like last month, but with XP instead of Vista, their support pages should have the proper drivers ANd do I need more than the 5 files that jdesants gave thankss like controllers or anything.

Gateway Official Site: Worldwide

Open this link in a new tab of your web browser: In the CABS folder of the root drive, these are auido drivers: I also found another one the link for the in your previous post If you have problem with ATI Catalyst driver 7. I still need drivers for my modem, sound card, ethernet, and wifi controllers. I decided to format and revert back up XP pro.


I used Google and couldn’t find any. Just so you know you guys made me sign up to reply to you and this is probably going to be my only post You have a mt gqteway and you used the 5 files from jdesants at http: Use that to Delete any Users you have created.

Is there a standard driver i could use for this? I too have had the Vista pains and decided to go back to XP.

Seafire Suite Developer of: The Wireless Driver that is for the Mt I found on a site someone got it to work with using this driver http: I want you that you made me sign up to thank you. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong area of Gateway’s website, but the only drivers I can find are for Vista. B Windows 7, XP, 10, 8 proscribe[solved] gateway mx proscribe driver establish gateway computer.