June 15, at 7: Pick roller PA Lifetime: ScanSnap SM is now equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that can be turned on to help operators avoid losing images. It would only be able to show two pages here, ten pages there, with a date stamp. The instructions are easy. TAM will probably not be able to communicate directly with the scanner. Even better, documents scanned by ScanSnap take on a higher level of accessibility and usefulness once liberated into the digital realm.

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And yes sometimes I do need to use the big multifunction machine in the other room. July 7, at 3: Because JPEG loses quality every time you save the image in that file format. Yet another reason not to make home brewed software.

The scansnap is the best office tool that I own. Long Paper Scanning 4. For full details on all service programs, visit www. Paper Chute Capacity 5.

Learn how your comment data is processed. May we suggest the following replacement model: The S is a very likable scanner at a time when small businesses and law offices are scanning everything they see. March 24, at 3: Again — love the scanner — hate the software.


Software Downloads: ScanSnap S1500 / S1500M

I wish Paperport was better, because you make good points. For full details, visit the warranties page or call Every 50, sheets or one year. Easily Transform Paper with the Touch of a Button Achieving organization with the ScanSnap SM starts with the touch of a single button and ends with a host of productivity features that keep you ahead of the stack. Use of a carrier sheet permits the scanning of A3, B4, double letter and photographs as well as the document sizes that are listed above.

Fujitsu ScanSnap SM Scanners | Sheetfed Office Scanners – Fujitsu United States

The scan still has to be started from the Fujitsu software but it can arrive in Acrobat with no intermediate steps. As a compute programmer of over thirty years — I can tell you the truth.

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Fujitsu advertised that as a strength. One or the other.

Scanner Drivers & Downloads

Therefore, appropriate replacement lifetimes vary for other document types. We are looking to purchase one of these for my husbands business, however the only thing we cannot find is if you can export reports into Excel. An upgrade to the Advance Exchange service program sold separately is also available to eligible purchasers at www.


I design software for municipalities and had planned to distribute this as part of my package My software currently uses several other brands of scanner, but the Fujitsu looked very appealing because of it speed My software scans directly into my program which files using my own method usually by parcel IDand provides a thumbnail. Anyway — just something else I remembered I wanted to say in my rant against Fujitsu having done this to us.

November 15, at 1: Not even good for a boat anchor. More Ways to Scan to the cloud. As for TIFFs — really?

Love rujitsu scanner — hate the software. ECM and point-of-entry scanning improves student services and HR Medical Director designs virtually paperless operations with EMR system and Fujitsu scanners Couri Insurance increases efficiency and improves customer satisfaction with Fujitsu scanners and StoneRiver software.

April 4, at 9: