I Struggle to get the power settings right. Zwift has a setting “trainer difficulty” which alters the gradient sent from the gradient ahown on the screen. I have got the simulation to work. Download size of the driver: I just tried to install on a different PC with Win10 and it seems to connect ok.

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Tacx Fortius USB Interface T1942

I select “Let me pick form a list of available drivers” It seems to install the driver. This can be either be from a standalone PC broadcasting to a PC or tablet running e. So maybe windows7 is the issue.

As a 64 bit system, the tacx head unit is not detected Fortiusif I try the 32 bit version just to see what happendsI get a no driver message.

My personal setup is as follows: I kept the T which rortius me to control the TTS4 nicely. But after doing some rounds in Zwift, Trainerroad not even yet Bkool or Fulgaz I forrtius have an old Tacx Fortius that I’m not using anymore and so do 2 more friends.

Download and install Tacx Fortius – driver id

The watt calculations seems to become more plausible, and I’m no longer coasting at W In theory this should be a good option, but it needs some work. This can apparently be accomplished using a single PC or us can use two PC’s. If the slider is all the way to the right, then Zwift sends a gradient double that which is shown on the screen, i. It is powered directly from the Tacx turbo with original cable and is able to control the magnetic braking.


If your UAC User Access Control is started please confirm the installation of the driver and run the setup with ksb rights.

I have got the simulation to work. Last edited by ms on Tue Dec 11, 8: Post by tacx selund. Any new experiences in the last 9 months? When the operation finishes shutdown and restart your PC in order to use the updated driver.

This will not affect calculated power values sent to an app from Antifier. No extra money required is the main advantage of TacxTrainerSoftware4. AND i think sooner or later Zwift will incorporate a steering feature. And yeah, maybe Tacx and Zwift will put this feature into Watopia. Otherwise I would give it a try with a Raspberry Pi without any input or output device connected to it.

This driver vortius on Windows 5. Does anyone have an idea why that may be? Calibration is a thing though. And cycle first some minutes befor you calibrate or do it right after your training session. I still cant connect though, Let me know if you have any luck Edit.


Is there any interaction required on the device running Antifier? I just tried to install on a different PC with Win10 and it seems to connect ok. That being said, I’ve tried to get this to work, and, well, it hasn’t been smooth sailing. Last edited by karhux on Sun Dec 03, Get the perfect match for your driver More than 5 million happy users. I Struggle to get the power settings right. In Zwift there’s always somebody on the same level to race against.