He was killed at only 26 years old during a private Ferrari test session at the Modena Autodrome. Both Behra and the Ferrari test track at Modena were tragically involved in Castellotti’s death on 14 March as Maserati’s early-season form had Enzo Ferrari on the back of his feet. When he arrived at the circuit the car was already there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At what should have been the height of his career Castellotti featured more in the gossip columns than the motoring magazines due to his high profile affair with opera singer Delia Scala. Both being three-year old designs it was probably the strength of Maserati’s driving squad that made the difference.

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And that’s probably why the Castellotti picture is proudly residing at the top of his story. Carl Goodwin Carl, I was not aware of the 20 year starting age for racing in Italy. What are you looking for? Castellotti thus became a Ferrari driver but there were too many drivers on the books and so Eugenio concentrated on on sports cars, winning the Mille Miglia and the Sebring 12 Hours.

She took Delia’s arm and said, ‘You look like a waitress; the kitchen is this way.

8W – Who? – Eugenio Castellotti

The Argentine GP saw Eugenio again as the fastest qualifier of a six-strong Ferrari team, but remarkably the completely reworked Lancia-Ferrari now lost out to the almost unchanged Maserati F. Click to show race results for World Sportscar Championship With Moss, Fangio and Behra taking the first three places on the grid and only Castellotti joining them on the front row, the writing was on the wall for Ferrari. But eugeino really hit the headlines when he ran second in the Mille Miglia and this led to him being offered a drive with the Lancia sports car team for the Carrera Panamericana.


Four days later Castellotti was out testing the unpainted Ferrari Monza at Monza before the Supercortemaggiore race when Ascari turned up to watch. Give it another shot!

Was that the limit for racing in Italy? At Pau he finished second ahead of his team mates Gigi Villoresi and Alberto Ascari although the latter had mechanical trouble.

Now there is a job that would have suited Innes Ireland! Yet they thrived on the danger. Castellotti was born in LodiItaly.

Who Was Eugenio Castellotti?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your email or your password was wrong. Eugenio Castellotti was born in Milan but grew up in Lodi.

If you know of things missing or have corrections, please log in and submit them. He had just been told to castellltti his speed [ citation needed ] so that he could average You might also like: The next year he won it for Ferrari, in atrocious conditions, in a drive rafing by Johnny Lurani as “the model of self-control, style and efficiency”.

Castellotti warmed up the car and then set off for a quick lap, only to misjudge the first chicane which at the time was lined with small bushes and a solid castellorti. Eugenio Castellotti never won a single Grand Prix, but was the archetypal Grand Prix driver who stood on the fringe of greatness. You can also subscribe without commenting.


No one else was injured.

The handsome boy was effectively best of the rest, albeit a long way behind the largely unthreatened Mercedes duo of Fangio and Moss. The track’s short existence as the venue for a San Eugeino GP run to F1 rules was long enough to warrant that only the champions, i.

Formula One Series Statistics

Although the lack caastellotti safety in motorsport in those days seems horrifying to us now, the drivers and teams were fully aware that every season would decimate roughly half the drivers. In many ways, they had the laconic attitude that their older brothers had shown as flyers or fighters in the Second World War.

With the best qualifying time of the three, Castellotti was allowed to race in the spare Friday practice saw him take a staggeringly quick 4. Though he came from a titled Italian family, they did not support his passion for motor racing. I have always had an interest in the variety of people who come into motor sport and what makes them tick.

I learned more about him from reading grahams article then I ever learned elsewhere! He continued to race for Ferrari until