Be sure to note the correct direction that the paper comes off the roll. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. Plug the AC Adapter power cord into the wall outlet. Push the open button and open the cover open. If the motor knob cannot be rotated, rotate it in the reverse direction to loosen it; then send the DLE ENQ n command. The self test The self-test checks whether the printer has any problems.

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SAM4S ELLIX Thermal POS Printer Series

The error LED will blink and Buzzer beep regularly. Do not use paper rolls that have the paper glued to the core because the printer cannot detect the paper end correctly.

Do not store thermal paper near a heater or in enclosed places exposed to direct sunlight. Connecting the computer You need an appropriate interface cable.

All our POS products are suitable for retail, hospitality, healthcare, government, restaurants, warehouses, logistics, manufacturing and more. New Oji Paper Mfg, Co. The buzzer and error LED beeps and blinks as like: Do not touch the print head thermal elements.


In this case, clean the printer head as follows: Please call us in advance to arrange a pickup. Delivery timeframes depend on the delivery location and might take longer in the case of remote or rural areas.

Separate the Cover Wire from the printer. Kansaki Specialty Papers, Inc. Plug the AC Adapter power cord into the wall outlet. The self-test checks are as follows; 1. Unpacking Your printer box should include these items. This can be useful in finding software problems. You must be logged in to post a review. Otherwise pull it down to scale 1 or 2 as illustrated figure. When you turn on the hexadecimal dump function, the printer prints all commands and data in hexadecimal format along with a guide section to help you find specific commands.

If the auto cutter does not return its normal position by itself, follow the steps below to correct the problem: Tighten the screws on both sides of the cable connector.

CRS | SAM4s Ellix 10 Thermal Printers

If it is connected incorrectly, the internal circuit fuse of the printer may be blown or the external power supply may be damaged. Turn on the printer and then the hexadecimal mode is off. Be sure to use paper rolls that meet the specifications. Turn on the power while holding down the FEED button.


Remove the used paper roll core if there is one. For more information, please contact our customer service.

However, this does not affect the printer performance. Extended exposure to direct light may cause discoloration or faded printing. Ellix print densities can be selected by DIP switches. If this point of sale item is available in stock, it will be dispatched within 48 hours from one of our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane.

SAM4S ELLIX-10 Thermal POS Printer Series

The printer head becomes very hot just after printing and is very dangerous. Be sure to allow the printer head to cool down after printing before cleaning it. Open the paper roll cover, remove the jammed paper, and reinstall the paper roll.