Adds synchronization to our example. Thus, it can address up to 64 locations. The objective of the below tutorial to analyze LLD examples for basic transfers, interrupt generation, linking, channel sorting, chaining, etc. Each one of the capabilities outlined above require specific API calls to set the source and destination addresses, count values, indexing, linking and chaining as well as configuring what type of trigger is used to start the transfer. Much time was spent working through each example and learning the LLD from the ground up.

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Subsequent releases of patch upgrades will be identified by the patch number, ex. It cannot be synced to a peripheral event.

Processor SDK RTOS EDMA3 – Texas Instruments Wiki

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. So it is easy to control the distribution of EDMA resources.

This would probably identifies whether we have linking issue happens with second PaRAM set after first Tx. Linking two or more channels together allows the EDMA to auto-reload a new configuration when the current transfer is complete. For technical support please post your questions at http: For example, for bit devce data, ACNT would be 2 bytes.

EDMA FAQ for KeystoneI/II devices – Texas Instruments Wiki

Sample initialization libraries, both for Resource Manager and Driver, are also a part of the package excluding DRx4xx and DM platforms. Initialize the Resource Manager to get all the available resources. Yes, it is possible through ping pong buffer mechanism which would transfer 2 bytes one at a time until it reaches the full buffer capacity and then it interrupts once when it completes the buffer.


Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Upon completion of a transfer, the transfer parameters are reloaded with new PaRam parameter set addressed by the bit link address field of the current parameter set.

The transfer config describes the transfers to be executed when triggered. This page has been accessed 2, times.

In this mode, the channel controller would generate the TCC internally, which indicates the transfer is said to be complete but the actual data transfer would be still in progress. Compatibility keys are intentionally independent of Marketing product numbers and are intended to: Each field has a corresponding description in the Param Setup code comments. These are quite common in video applications when large buffers need to be moved from on-chip to off-chip memories.

EDMA3 Keystone SoC Devices

Example 9 tries to abstract the configuration requirements so that the provided functions could be used and reused for a variety of purposes. From Texas Instruments Wiki. BCNT specifies the number of “elements” in a “frame” or “line”.

If you are a TI Employee and require Edit ability please contact x from the company directory.

Typically, these patches only include critical bug fixes. More detailed information about the A-sync and the AB-sync is in Chapter 2. Under the hood, the LLD is simply programming the peripheral register sets edna3 you – however, this abstracts the user from needing to know the peripheral register addresses and cumbersome programming techniques.


Almost lpd systems require some type of data movement – either from one memory location to another or from a peripheral register to memory or vice versa. Auth with social network: This page was last modified on 21 Marchat Linking is the feature of loading a new PaRam to a channel upon completion of the channel current transfer.

EDMA3 LLD 01.11.03 Release Notes

How do the source and destination addresses update? When a particular DMA event En and its corresponding bit fields holds the value of “0”, then the respective events are queued on DMA event queue number 0. When an EDMA3 channel transfers data, the registers that control the transfer are the registers in the shadow register set that is associated with the channel.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Well, that depends on what your system needs and the type of sync and indexing covered later….