I have to tables side by side, I was hoping to have the notebook resting beside my desktop and in the other table the mini and the router. Radio Shack has ver. This driver works first time on my G4 ibook 12 running Powered by the Parse. I have an IMac G4 running Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple?

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If anyone is interested in the process, reply to this post with a request. I don’t know if anyone ever got this working, but I took the following steps to get this working under Leopard I’m a UNIX newbie.

Go back to the Dlink Prefs Pane and save the profile so it connects on each reboot. It works, as long as WEP is not enabled. One v132 important note: I got a G3 ibook very cheapily at the end of Apple’s PowerPc era.

If there is any advice or direction that you could offer, I’d be eternally grateful. I was lucky, at first, because several connections were open and I’d no need to figure out Kismac’s desire for an AirPort Extreme driver that worked. One is an airport graphite and the other is a recent Linksys model.

D-Link Technical Support

Visit other IDG sites: Or do you mean that we can damage an AirPort basestation by placing our PB too close to it? Are you able to give a more descriptive detail how you got yours to connect to network? I got the G working nicely on the PC so i know its not faulty.


Read the other posts above to find more details on this. The new network connection for the adapter displayed in the control panel, and the Wireless Utility program launched when I plugged in the adapter.

anyone had luck hacking a driver for d-link DWL-G132 (usb wireless)?

The kernel dependancies can be fixed by editing: I had WEP turned on for both and was never able to actually establish a connection. And just to say, to all those people suggesting alternatives, these are infact better wireless solutions for your mac, but sometimes, like in my case, you have one of these spare, or you’ve bought one thinking it will work and it doesnt.

There is a very fast electronic switch in the card that connects the antenna to either the transmitter or receiver, depending on what it wants to do, but never both at the same time.

After mzc the info. Has any one found usable driver for this product’s older brother, the DWL dwk There are different versions of these two cards around, so you cannot tell by the model name alone which chipset you have.


B1, as I recall the device ID was in system profiler. Hints 1 new Hints in the last 24 hours Comments last 2 days No new comments Links last 2 weeks No recent new links. However, my model is a DWL I think that’s why some folks are having trouble ma.

Apple gets what it pays for Review: I have an IMac G4 running Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple? Not sure if you figured this out or not, but I was running into the same problem with a bondi rev A iMac running I know the signal is there because my GF’s laptop works great.

When you put two cards very close together, there’s a small chance that enough power could couple from the antenna of one when it’s transmitting to damage the receiver in the other. I’ve seen the Linksys The transmitters in WiFi cards are powerful enough to destroy the sensitive receivers if connected directly.