Troubleshooting Introduction This chapter deals with troubleshooting problems on the T printer. The T printer is Energy Star compliant. Removal And Reinstallation Procedures Required Tools The following list presents the tools you will need to perform the procedures in this chapter. With no EPA regulation in these countries the toxins are contaminating the land, air, and water. Remove the printer lid see Procedure 1. On pedestal models, the screw in position 5 can only be accessed if the pedestal door is partially open.

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Take the printer Offline.

DOWNLOAD TALLY T6090 PRINTER DRIVER – Tally Line Matrix T6090 Printer

There are three parameters in this category: Information in this document has been gathered from many different sources, including printer manuals, manufacturer and third-party Web sites, and experience gathered from working with customers. Remove any printed forms along with the Paper Stacking Tray, if they are present.

Remove the five screws securing the enclosure to the back of the printer. Removal and Reinstallation Procedures Procedure 24 — Lower Tractor Assembly Before beginning this procedure, turn the printer off and disconnect the power cable. The printer does not power up when switched onThere are four things that can cause this problem. The sensor position should not interfere with rotation of Shuttle. T Maintenance Manual Table 3—4. Use the printouts you made earlier to set up communications and other printer operations.


Slide the square drive shaft to the left through upper tractor pulley. Move the sensor by hand until the control panel reading is less than 0. Once the screws are removed you can remove the enclosure from the printer. Page Platen Sensor You now can remove the airduct from the Hammer Bank. Insert the new motor into the mounting bracket on the printer, making sure that the motor cable is on the side nearest the Engine Controller CBA, then reinstall the mounting screws.

Any time you remove a component that is involved in some aspect of the printing process, perform a print test to ensure that print quality has priner been affected.

We will do what it takes to make it right. Link Parameter Menu Level 2 This parameter provides fault override for control processor to main processor communications. The only exception is that the T is slightly lower in print speeds.

For any Dowj numbers listed, go to that appropriate procedure in the Maintenance Manual. Report selections Menu Level 3 Configs Prints a report showing the setups of the configurations. It prints a pattern of all uppercase characters that is advanced by one character on each line.


Push in on the latch until the panel slides easily into the opening. Removal and Reinstallation ProceduresPlace in front of printr lip1. It is used primarily in dot matrix line printers, but it is also used in a number of ink jet printers.

Connect your printer to your computer using the parallel interface. Fatal Fault n A fault has been detected in the software.

Reinstall the Shuttle Motor Pulley onto the output shaft of the new motor. Before pressing down, make sure that all cables are clear of the contact area between the cover and printer. What specifications to look for: Got one to sell?


Removal and Reinstallation ProceduresProcedure 11 The Dowj BankBefore beginning this procedure, turn the printer off and disconnect the power cable. Leave the snap rings sitting loosely on the shaft. A malfunctioning power supply. Remove the screws at positions 1 and 2. When CalData is selected you will have to perform a Hammer Calibration Routine before using the printer.