The basic rate was the standard data rate available on the Bluetooth v1. Although it seems there are eight possible phase states, the encoding ensures that the trajectory of the modulation between symbols is restricted to the four states in the other plane. If not specified, the pullability of a crystal may be calculated from its motional capacitance with Equation 5. Data may be written or read one word at a time, or the auto-increment feature is available for block access. This ensures that the TCXO is oscillating at start up. Hardware low power modes: This is to guarantee that the firmware can maintain timing accuracy in accordance with the Bluetooth v2.

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Bluetooth has previously been restricted to application in ink-jet printers but EDR will enable data to be transmitted at speeds suitable for laser printers.

Frequency trim is achieved by adjusting the crystal load capacitance with an on-chip trim capacitor, Ctrim.

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Therefore, the circuit will oscillate if the transconductance, transimpedance product is greater than unity. Zero is the default entry for 5ms delay. It can tolerate voltages up to 4. Consequently, the DC to RF efficiency is maximised.


Production Information Final Data Sheet including the guaranteed minimum and maximum limits for the electrical specifications. Minimum and maximum values specified are only given as guidance to the final specification limits and must not be considered as the final values. For this reason CSR recommends that a buffered clock input is used. Supports all Bluetooth v1.


While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this document, CSR cannot accept responsibility for any errors. BlueCore4-ROM is designed to reduce the number of external components required, to ensure that production costs are minimised. Total trim range is 0 to The Bluetooth operation determines the use of bluecore4-pc-rmo watchdog clock in low-power modes.

Ct1 should be three times the value of Ct2 for best noise performance. The differential encoding also allows for the demodulation without the knowledge of an absolute value for the phase of the RF bluecore4-pc-rim.

The crystal appears inductive near its resonant frequency. This in turn allows the RF power amplifiers of the transmitter to be wlcso closer to their compression point without introducing spectral distortions.

Data may be written or read one word at a time, or the auto-increment feature is available for block access. EDR differs in that each symbol in the payload portion of a packet represents 2 or 3-bits.

Other products, services and names used in this document may have been trademarked by their respective owners. The features are configured in firmware. If the external clock is applied to the analogue pad AIO[0], the digital signal should be driven with a maximum 1. As well as describing USB basics and architecture the application note describes: All hardware and device firmware is fully compliant with the Bluetooth v1. A simple command connects to a dedicated hardware switch that determines whether the radio can transmit.


Intel wireless co-existence, WLAN. To contact a CSR representative, email sales csr. As ‘ one phone ‘ converged cordless phone using Bluetooth and cellular phones using 2. CSR reserves the bluecoee4-pc-rom to make technical changes to its products as part of its development programme.

All detailed specifications including pinouts and electrical specifications may be changed by CSR without notice.

The device incorporates auto-calibration and BIST routines to simplify development, type approval and production test. The synthesiser is guaranteed to bluecorf4-pc-rom in sufficient time across the guaranteed temperature range to meet the Bluetooth v2. The check word may be used to confirm a read operation to a memory location. All values specified are the target values of the design.