We had further woes trying to set the unit up to work with Ableton Live 5 and found that the instructional PDF on the website missed out some important information that we later located on the Wave Idea forum. Search Contact Privacy Policy. They both would be great controllers The purpose of the Wave Idea “driver” is to replace this generic driver name with a more convenient string “Wave Idea Bitstream 3X”. The Bitstream 3X is a control surface that offers a little bit of everything.

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Arturia’s iOS synths are a future purchase, as well The Bitstream 3X is also able to manage checksum insertion in the Sysex. If mine got busted I’d by another one asap.

It will only be included with the first units, though, so if you want one, get on the case as it were. This is cross-platform and enables each of the controls to be set up as a CC or Note On.

Thankfully, the unit can be USB-powered too, so you don’t need the wall wart unless you’re using it without your computer.

The purpose of the Xp driver available in the download area is to replace the generic name “USB audio device” to a more friendly “WaveIdea Bitstream 3X”. Initializing the Bitstream 3X will restore default mapping for User mode as well as all parameters to their default value It is therefore mandatory to upload your whole assignments to a library file using the configuration software before restoring to factory default.


It’s best in class as far as I’m concerned.

It just seems faster to use a mouse. If you can’t be bothered with all this configuration nonsense, you’ll be pleased to hear that the software comes pre-packed with a bunch of settings for classic hardware and software.

MIDI Controllers, Windows, Free

No, basically the Bitstream 3X features 2 operating modes: I just can’t get with any more ‘grid quantized” 16 step obviousness. Cheap, cheap, cheap in a metal box.

Post Sat Feb 11, 8: BuT – a real-world Synth is a different Story. I haven’t tried their controllers. When using the configuration software to dindows the Bitstream 3X, be sure the following settings are properly configured in the preference panel: The LCD string is a parameter that can be assigned independently to each control of the Bitstream 3X. This tool also ships with 4 mackie bitsream which can be programmed to show all parameter names and values.

I haven’t had any problems like the other reviewer with the bad fader, but if I did I’d send it in and get it repaired?

If you only had one midi controller – Page 2 –

Joystick to MIDI converter. It is a collaborative tool to control MIDI instruments from browsers.

Hook mode can be enabled or disabled from the menus, or from the configuration software. Free PC midi software dedicated to the live performance.


If you are using the Standard or Reason mode, you can change this parameter directly from the Bitstream 3X menus If you are using the Mackie or User mode, changing the default CC number is done through the configuration software. From the configuration software version 1.


However, there’s a heavy bias towards old hardware, so if you want to control your more up-to-date software, you’re better off using the 3X in Mackie Control emulation mode. I currently own 1 unit and am debating buying a second as they seem to be getting hard to find. It’s finest day will be when it breaks for good and i can smash it with a hammer, i’m not exaggerating.

I have to be honest and say that although I’ve had a few controllers, I barely use them.

Windows 7 Vista XP Music Software: MIDI Controllers, Free (Hitsquad)

So for me all I need is my icon qcon pro would upgrade to pro X though. They both would be great controllers The arppegiator features different synchronization modes depending on your MIDI setup. Bitstream 3X firmware upgrader 1. Post Tue Feb 28,