Welcome to the Make: I am powering the controller with a 12v 2. The devil is in the detail. Too bad you didn’t provide any links. Please post a link to its datasheet or schematic.

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Thanks for signing up. For more information, see www. I don’t think you have posted a link to the stepper motor datasheet. Unless you have the specifications very clearly set out the colours of the wires are not a reliable indication of which pairs with which. Robin2 on Feb 06, How to connect the Leadshine drivers to the CNC shield for the pulse and direction?

Arduino and stepper motor with pul\dir driver (DM542A)

A largely self-taught machinist, he shares many of his endeavors on his successful YouTube channel which focuses on home shop manufacturing. I need to drive 4 leadshien 23 stepper motos using 2 motors for y axis with a peak of 3 amps each. A large capacitor across the power supply might be a good idea. PaulS Brattain Member Posts: I’m not sure why you bought a shield that is meant to have the A driver board plugged in to arduink, with a totally different stepper driver.


Below is the link of the instructable. Your changes have been saved.

What breakout board would you suggest me to use? Ground all of the Pul- Dir- and Enable. Our editors will review your materials and follow up with you via email as soon as possible.

Education How making is transforming learning. Welcome to the Make: Check the resistances with your multimeter be make certain you know which pairs belong to each coil. If the step pin is 3, what is the point of banging on pin 8 in loop?

In the time that you spent looking, I’m sure you noticed that one site linked to another. Subscribe to Make Magazine Today! I don’t see anything in the M partial schematic about microstepping, so make sure the GRBL code that you load on the Arduino is set to no microstepping.

What Ports of the driver do I use? You can use this Simple Stepper Code to test it.

Too bad you didn’t provide a schematic. The photo of the shield does not explain arduio it does or how it is intended to be used.


Yeah but i was thinking of something with better quality. Sign up for the Make: In this video we test code from three different Arduino programs to drive the large NEMA 34 stepper, then increase the load on the shaft to see how the ardyino handles the additional weight.

how to connect stepper drivers leadshine m to arduino shield v3?

Test equipment, replica and original sci fi props and costume pieces, and whatever else I feel like at the time. If these breakout boards are not suitable, please suggest a suitable one for my use.

Is my power supply enough or do i need a better one? We machine a 0. And yet, you want us to use our crystal balls to tell you what the problem is.

Anyway thank you for helping me out. Any stepper motor is great, but the big ones are amazingly impressive.