Your comments would be much appreciated, Thanks, Martin Martin Tall said this on March 18, at 6: It might be that your device shows different revision. Yes; the integrated webcam on my laptop is the one other camera. If your camera is not automatically detected when you plug it […]. Thank you Alex P!

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Mozilla, Chrome and IE7. Ted said this on April 10, at Just wanted to say thanks a lot for your hard work on this. No new hardware detected.

How to Use the PS3 Eye on Skype | Our Pastimes

First things first, thanks Alex for your efforts. Really looking forward to being able to use my PS3Eye as a webcam. And of course, the files: Blake said this on November 26, at Also, AmCap reports that I have no video capture device.

I tried ran the ps3eye test application and it works fine. Messenger and MSN crash before they can actually start alsxp after I installed the driver.

If you find the software useful or if you feel like supporting this project, please feel free to click the donation button below. Are you sure the directshow filter supports all of those modes?


How to Use the PS3 Eye on Skype

I fixed my problem and plystation that others may have the same issue. PS3Eye pod Windowsem said this on January 14, at 7: Thanx for great driver and SDK. I just got the camera with EOJ and I hooked it up to my comp. Is this a bit issue? I would like to add this camera to my setup but I have a problem with a simple graphedit test.

Plugged in the camera. Fabian Gomez said this on October 29, at Kris said this on October 28, at 5: When I text my PS3Eye, it works perfectly.

Criterion Games said this on March 1, at 3: John Goodwin said this on March 7, at It does come through though. Aaron said this on November 18, at You should not install on top. I installed the latest version of this driver on my Vista x64 machine earlier today and it worked great… even tested it with Live Messenger.


I realize you have qlexp open-sourced your work, but it would be great if you could provide some input to get other cam drivers especially those not running on windows plwystation to speed.

XY89 said this on January 14, at Ouh do refer to my site if you need a new website we could make an awesome one for you m8. You are absolutely right. Unfortunately I cant use the PS3 Eye in skype, etc.

Sony PS3 Eye – beginners – openFrameworks

It was an older version… and I think that that may have been the root cause of my predicament. I have been using the latest version of the driver for some weeks now without issue, and only yesterday did the popup appear for the first time when Windows started up.

Kori said this on June 27, at 1: