In addition to the items provided with your AIS RX the following items will be required for installation: Similar to class A transceivers in many ways, but are normally lower cost due to the less stringent performance requirements. The port operates at baud. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. VHF antenna Installation 3.

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advanSea Rx Dual Channel Ais Receiver | eBay

This equipment must be installed and operated according to the instructions contained in this manual. The antenna should not be co-located or operated in aiz with any other transmitting antenna. AIS receivers will generally receive transmissions from class A transceivers, class B transceivers, AtoNs and AIS base stations but do not transmit any information about the vessel on which they are installed.

The NMEA data port provides the connection to your chart plotter and consists of four wires colour coded as shown in the table below and in Figure 8.

Before beginning installation of your AIS RX, please ensure you have the necessary additional items as advansex in section 3. The use of ScotchlokTM connectors is recommended for this purpose.

When reading this manual please pay attention to warnings marked with the warning triangle shown on the left. Please refer to Figure 6 for guidance. Please refer to your chart plotter manual for advanssa information.


Also included on the CD is the product manual.

Thank you for buying this AIS receiver. You may also need to enable the display of AIS targets in the chart options.

We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible quality standards, should you encounter any problems with this product, please contact your dealer who will be pleased to offer whatever assistance you require. Please take note advanseaa the warnings in section 1 regarding the use of antennas. Class A transceivers are mandatory on all vessels over gross tonnes on international voyages and certain types of passenger vessels under the SOLAS mandate.

Similar to class A transceivers in many ways, but are normally lower cost due to the less stringent performance requirements. Disposal of this product and packaging! This equipment is intended as an aid to navigation and is not a replacement for proper navigational judgement.

Advansea RX Dual Channel AIS Receiver

advsnsea If your VHF antenna does not use this type of connector please contact your dealer for details of available adaptors. There are two categories of information transmitted by an AIS transceiver: Please refer to section 3.

These are similar to class B transceivers, but are designed to be fitted to large vessels such as cargo ships and large passenger vessels.

The manufacturer of this product disclaims any liability for consequences arising from omissions or inaccuracies in this manual and any other documentation provided with this product. Providing other vessels with AIS transceivers installed are within radio range of your vessel you should see aks details appear on your chart plotter or PC.


The NMEA input baud rate is baud.

advanSea Rx-100 Dual Channel Ais Receiver

Class A transceivers transmit at a higher VHF signal power than class B transceivers and therefore can be received by more distant vessels, and also transmit more frequently. Connect the black wire to the supply negative terminal.

Antenna cables Alternatively, if you wish to use an existing VHF antenna, antenna splitter products are available which allow the existing antenna to be used with two radio devices, such as a VHF voice radio and the AIS RX Any attempt to tamper with or damage this product will invalidate the warranty.

AtoNs are transceivers mounted on buoys or other hazards advansew shipping which transmit details of their location to the surrounding vessels. Please refer to section 4. Compass safe distance 1. There are a number of types of AIS device as follows: If it is not sufficient you will need an extension cable.

The NMEA data rc-100 output operates at a baud rate of baud.